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In late winter before the buds open. OLIGO-8 Zn (12-0-0 +8Zn)
Zinc solution
Spray the branches in winter with 3-5 lit / ton.At severe Zinc deficiency spray after setting with a lower rate (1-2 lit / ton).
After setting FS347 (50% aminoacids with growth substances of natural origin)

AgroCELL (6-0-9)

Spray with 2,5 lit per ton, 2 times at the period of fast fruit development.
1st spray: after setting
2nd spray: after thinning. FSŸ347 is combined with OPERON (29-0-0)
Spray with 5 lit AgroCELL (6-0-9) / hectare. Repeat at 7-10 days intervals, for increasing resistance to heat and drought.
At fruit increase OPERON (29-0-0)
Spray with 2-3 lit OPERON / ton, 2-3 times after setting at 10 days intervals.
To supply fruits with Calcium spray with 3-4 lit CALMATE per ton.
After the fruits obtain their half size and up to 10 days prior harvest. ΟRGΑΝΙΚΟΝ (0-0-30)
For color improvement
Increased sugar content
Earlier harvest
Spray with 1-2 lit / ton 3-4 times.
1st spray: When the fruits have obtained their half size.
2nd spray: 10-15 days after the 1st.
3rd spray: 10 days after the 2nd
BACTOIL® SC (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki 6%) Spray with 1 lit per ton against the peach twig borer and all the micro lepidoptera that infest peach trees.

PARAFFINIC OIL VIORYL 98.5EC (Paraffinic oil 98.5%): Against the San Jose scale (Quatraspidiotus perniciosus), the olive scale (Ρarlatoria oleae), the white peach scale (Ρseudalacaspis pentagona), the globose Scale, (Sphaerolecanium prunastri), the apple mussel scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi), leafrollers (Achrips rosanus podanus), mites (Τetranychus spp,Bryonia praetiosa, Aculus spp), aphids(Μγzus persicae,Αphis spp) and larvae of aphids and other insects. Spray with 1000-1300 ml /100 liters using 1.5-2.5 tons of spray liquid / hectare or 500 ml of the formulation in combination with the approved dose of an insecticide or acaricide. Can be applied throughout the year. Recommended sprays: Spring (with the onset of vegetation), Summer, Autumn and Winter. Maximum number of applications / growing season: 4

BORDEAUX MIX VΙΟRYL 20WP (Calcium copper sulphate 20%) Spray against thePeach Leaf Curl (Τaphrina deformans), the Shot hole (Stigmina carpophila) and Monilia (Sclerotinia laxa) with rates of 4.25kg /ton of water, using 1-1.2 ton of spray water /hectare. Make preventive sprays in autumn at the leaf drop period and in late winter before bud swelling. Max no of sprays/ Cropping season: 2

ACARIDOIL 13SL (13% Potassium fatty acids). Spray against Aphids (Aphis spp. Myzus spp.), Thrips (Thrips spp.),Scales (Diaspididae),(Pseudalacaspis pentagona) and Mites, with 19 lit. / ton with the appearance of the infestation. Repeat when necessary.

COPPER HYDROXIDE VIORYL 50WP (Copper Hydroxide 50%). Spray against the leaf shot Coryneum (Stigmina carpophila), the leaf curl (Taphrina deformans) and Cladosporium (Cladosporium carpophilum) with rates of 1.7kg /ton of water, using 1-1.2 tons of spray water /hectare, or with 170-200 gr./1000m2, at the areas where infestation occurs. A) the autumn with the leaf drop and b) at the end of the winter before bud enlarge. Spray against Monilia during bud enlargement and at the rose tips Spray against the Bacteria (Pseudomonas spp.) with rates of 1.7kg/ton of water, using 1-1.2 tons of spray water /hectare, or with 170-200 gr./1000m2, at the areas of infestation. Apply when the leaves start to drop and at the end of leaf drop. Max no of sprays: 4

LYPHASE 36 SL (Glyphosate 36%) Use in peach orchards up to 2 years old and older against the perennial weeds with rates: 8-10 lit. /hectare against Cynodon dactylon at 15-25 cm., 10-12 lit/hectare against Convolvulus arvensis at bloom, 5-6 lit./hectare against Cyperus spp. after bloom and 5-6 lit./hectare against Sorghum halepense at 35-50cm. Sprays may be directed at target areas in the field with 10 lit. /hectare.