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VIORYL is a modern chemical industry holding a leading position within the domestic and international market. For over half a century the company heads its way to progress and success holding tight to its principles of expanding knowledge and providing its customers with products of the highest quality, tailor made solutions and innovative ideas.

With a solid presence in scientific areas such as Analytical Chemistry, Organic Synthesis and Biotechnology, long before these areas gathered a wider interest, VIORYL focuses at:
  • Development and production of plant nutrition and plant protection products
  • Development and production of biological pest control systems (semiochemicals, insect attractants and repellants, pheromones etc.)
  • Research and development on emerging technologies
We are a highly experienced agrochemicals manufacturer of insecticides and miticides, insect traps and pheromone dispensers, herbicides, biocidal products and fertilizers.

Our continuously expanding production and laboratory facilities are technologically updated to meet the emerging needs of modern agriculture.

Over the last 25 years we formulate actives for crop protection products with own R&D and direct access to the market.

Scientific research, quality as well as close co-operation with customers provide VIORYL with an undisputable competitive advantage.

VIORYL’s scientific personnel focus on the development of advanced formulations both for conventional and organic agriculture that comply with up-to-date international standards.

VIORYL’s regulatory department is employed in the preparation and submission of complete registration ANNEX III dossiers for zonal evaluation in Europe. With own ANNEX III dossiers for LYPHASE 36SL (Glyphosate 48.6 IPA), ECO-TRAP (Olive fly trap), ACARIDOIL 13SL (Potassium fatty acid salts 13%) and ECOTHRIN 5SC (Pyrethrins 5%).